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What is Artificial Intelligence?

We have always been excited about this imagination since childhood that such a machine should be made which can do all the work in a very short time and very easily. Like, cooking the food, replying to our messages, taking us to the office and doing whatever we want whenever we want. Can machines be made that can think and act like humans? And what if such an intelligent machine is made and it becomes a threat to humans? Recently, UAE has given citizenship to an intelligent robot named Sofia and that robot said in one of its conversations "I will kill the human". I'll destroy humans.

Nowadays we all keep hearing the name of technology again and again somewhere or the other. There is a debate going on all over the world on whether technology how is this technology for humans. Whether it will not be a threat to the human race. We all know this technology by the name of Artificial Intelligence. Many scientists, intellectuals, technologists and futurists have their own opinion about artificial intelligence and the future of mankind.

"Some scientists, intellectuals and technologists think that this is a very useful technology, while some, such as Elon Musk, believe that artificial intelligence can cause great harm to mankind. For what artificial intelligence can bring to mankind and what it cannot, we must first understand the relationship between machines, technology and artificial intelligence".

Beginning society was of hunters and gatherers who used AXE, bow and arrow very simple tools Those who were made of stone, used and used to make their living. Later, more advanced and better tools or tools, human society agriculture and led to a more settled lifestyle adopted. the 17th century, Around the intellectual advancement of scientific thought and the invention of the steam engine created and carried on modern society and the modern way of life industrial that we are still pursuing.

We are still living our life in this phase or we can also say that we are living in its advanced stage.

This modern way of lifestyle or lifestyle involves the invention, development and then use of many made our products and services which have life very easy and comfortable have made. This modern industrial society time or time important things about beings and now humans have started doing work through machines. But what work to do, how to do it, when to do it, still human dictates. Doing work is the responsiveness of the machine. Or we can say that humans work using machines. Hardware and machines to the invention more and more tasks and methods automated or automated becoming. For example, agriculture is instead of oxen or animals done with the help of mechanical equipment and machines such as tractors of agriculture mechanization has been. More and more factories and companies are inventing new products for the masses. More and more people in our working comfortably and efficiently and developing tools and machines to increase the

All these developments have happened more rapidly in recent years and have also made our society more social. New types of products and jobs have emerged and the old ones decreasing or disappearing. Like the typewriter, computers are due to the revolution started by making it much easier and much faster for people. An example of this is social media platforms. Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp. Where we can reach our information, opinion, and emotions to millions with just one click and that too in a few seconds. If we see in today's time, all of us cannot live without the products or services of technology.

We have technology products or machines or services provided by them like connecting with people through social media and sharing information, booking a car through the Uber transport app system and moving efficiently from one place to another, and financial services like Taking insurance or sending money to another account using apps. Such as UPI Apps Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe etc. All these have become an integral part of our life.

All these products or services or machines are still operated by humans. This means that decision-making is still with humans. This is because human has brain or brains.
Amidst all these developments, Artificial Intelligence has now become a topic of discussion. According to experts and futurists, Artificial Intelligence technology will or has already started affecting each of us in our lives.

We are knowingly or unknowingly using Artificial Intelligence. Well, it is not that developed yet. We've always been curious about the question: Can machines think and act like humans? With the recent development, it is now quite possible that we are going in that direction to develop machines or robots that will be like humans and make decisions like humans. But right now we cannot say that they can do all that a human mind can do. But some work can be done by them efficiently and effectively, even better than humans. have examples of this in front of us. Such as self-driving cars, and content recommendations from Netflix or YouTube. us understand this with an example, now Stanford University has created a system for health care with an artificial intelligence technology which works more efficiently and accurately than radiologists or humans.
If we talk about machines and artificial intelligence, then we can say that now we are building machines, not for the automation of work but for intelligent automation by using artificial intelligence. Till today the machine used to work but humans used to guide or instruct them on what to do.

Now there is an advanced phase of tools and machines where we are trying to incorporate intelligence into machines and make them autonomous or independent in decision-making in society and in our lives. This is intelligent automation. Like the car automatically taking us to our destination. Till now machines were working but we or humans were about to take the decisions now the machines will take their decision and will also do the work themselves. The only criterion would be to work according to the interest of the human or keep in mind his comfort and well-being.
On one hand, it seems like a great relief that we don't have to do anything now and on the other hand it is also very scary what we will do then. Will machines not start controlling human beings or will they not end the human race? This is the debate on what level of artificial intelligence is right. Artificial Intelligence is being compared to the changes that took place after electricity. Just as electricity has completely changed human society, in the same way artificial intelligence will transform.
Which in itself is a big deal and we need to be ready for it. Let's understand machines first with artifcial intelligence ko samjhaney ke liye. There are a lot of machines and equipment around us which make our life easy and comfortable by providing services.

Let's take the field of transportation, there are many ways in which you can transport using buses, cars, and bikes. These are all machines. They reduce travel time and improve efficiency so that the time saved can be used by human beings to explore and achieve other higher objectives. Now we know in simple words what is a machine. It is a thing which is developed to automate work and make human life simple, easy and comfortable. But the important thing here is to make life comfortable.

In this situation, a man decides what to do and how to do it but the machine is like the worker of the work which achieves the objectives set by the human in the manner prescribed by the human. Sometimes we have imagined that we wish we could make such a machine which takes decisions according to our interest or comfort, doing everything keeping in mind our welfare, what is good for us and what is not.

We can say about such a machine that the machine is not a simple automation device or automatic machine but it is an intelligent machine. So intelligent machines are machines with intelligence. The technology that works on making the machine intelligent is artificial intelligence. We have developed simple machines but we need to develop intelligent machines and we are trying.

You will see in future that your home and all the equipment around you is autonomous There will be computing machines that will make decisions and actions to make your life more comfortable and reduce human effort so that we can dedicate our precious time to higher priority work. Intelligent machines or intelligent the technology or subject that makes intelligence. It means that an intelligent machine with artificial intelligence thinks like a human, samajhti hai, takes decisions and then acts.

In very simple words, Artificial Intelligence can be defined as a field of computer science which is responsible for making machines intelligent enough to make their decisions and work for development. As humans do with their intelligence, due to this artificial intelligence domain, this technology is called Artificial Intelligence.

This means that such technology works or is doing in every aspect which makes the machine intelligent like humans.

In other words. The definition of artificial intelligence can also be given as follows.

Artificial intelligence is a form of intelligence; A type of technology and a field of study.

Artificial intelligence seeks to develop such principles and computer systems or machines or softwares that can perform all the tasks that normally require human intelligence. Because everywhere man works with his own intellect. Overall, its basic idea is to build machines and algorithms that are capable of performing computational tasks that require a human-like brain.

In very simple words, Artificial Intelligence can be defined as a field of computer science which is responsible for making machines intelligent enough to make their own decisions as humans do. Intelligence is a very big subject which has very wide aspects or dimensions and for this reason, Artificial Intelligence has the potential to influence every single domain or dimension of our life.

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